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Our Mascot  Meet Squiggles
Meet Your New BFF. Squiggles.

Meet the friendliest, most lovable new mascot in Philly.

Squiggles, our new mascot with big curious eyes, a big heart, and an even bigger imagination is ready to make new friends – with EVERYONE. There’s no better explorer, hugger, dancer, listener, drawer, friend-maker, or for that matter, napper, around than Squiggles.

Come out and shake hands. Do a little dance. Or just explore Squiggles’ new home at Please Touch Museum.

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Check out Squiggles favorite spots

Here’s what’s on Squiggles must see – and touch list – this month:

Thomas & Friends

With “Friends” in this exhibit’s name, it’s high on the list of stops for Squiggles. So much to see and touch!

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Adventure Camp

Our fun-loving adventurer also gives two furry thumbs up to Adventure Camp where science and fun are a winning formula.

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Roadside Attractions

From buses and cars to skyscrapers and helicopters, there’s plenty to see. Squiggles loves to explore all the fun stuff Philadelphia has to offer.

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Squiggles believes every trip to Please Touch should include a spin on our classic carousel. Life has plenty of ups and downs, but it’s worth the wide.

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All this fun, requires a place for Squiggles to refuel. After all, can you ever get too much Mac & Cheese?

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And that’s one floor! Imagine how much more there is a to explore.

Keep in touch! Follow Squiggles adventures online.

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    Squiggles on the Road.

Our Mascot Needs a Name!

Vote now to name our mascot, debuting at Please Touch Museum’s Birthday Bash on October 7, 2018!

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