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Answers to common questions about the Museum.

Exhibits and events

QWhat age range is best for visiting the Museum?

QWith so many visitors, how can you keep your exhibit clean and safe?

Memberships and discounts

QCan I share my membership with a relative or nanny?

QAre all memberships priced for families of four?

QAre there ways to save?

QWhat is your Refund and Exchange policy?

Museum Collections

QWhere do the Museum’s collections come from?

QHow are the Museum’s collections stored?

Ticket Donation Requests

QHow can I request ticket donations for my event or charity?



For more general questions please contact
info@pleasetouchmuseum.org or call 215-581-3181 For questions regarding membership, please contact membership@pleasetouchmuseum.org or call 215-581-3195

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