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We currently offer the following play kits:

Exhibit-Based Play Kits

The Carousel: Take a ride on the colorful carousel! This workshop is ideal for Toddlers –  children will review colors, animal names and sounds. Learn about our historic carousel, as we make silly animal noises, play with instruments, sing songs and sort colored blocks. It’s your chance to become part of Carousel history!

City Capers – Busy Build Construction Site: What goes in to building a city? This kit focuses on urban planning and design. Children will learn the names of different tools and construction vehicles, look at a real blueprint, as well as practice their architecture skills with a variety of building toys and materials.

City-Capers-Food, Farming and Nutrition: Food and nutrition are the focus of this healthy eating play kit. Together we pretend to plant seeds and discuss what makes a food healthy. Children will learn how food gets to the grocery store and even design their own healthy meal with our MyPlate craft.

City Capers – Hospital and Healthy Living: City Capers is Please Touch Museum’s own little urban neighborhood, complete with CHOP Medical Center. This play kit discusses healthy lifestyle and going to the doctor. Children will practice exercising, learn about healthy food choices and even play doctor!

The Kids’ Shop Kit: Financial Literacy – spending, saving and sharing money – is the focus of this play kit. Children will learn how money is earned by pretending to do jobs and chores. Together we play with cash registers, sort coins and practice counting. We’ll finish up by making our very own Save Jars so kids can start saving their money today!

Kitchen Garden: Wiggly worms and slimy slugs abound as we talk about what is needed to help a garden grow. Using yoga and creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to grow from tiny seeds into big, healthy gardens! Children will learn all about the different tools gardeners use, and what’s needed to mak compost. We close by making our very own wiggly worm compost finger puppets!

Nature’s Pond:Take a journey down a river, an ocean or a lake to explore science, nature and weather! This play kit teaches about the water cycle, types of precipitation and gives children the opportunity to learn about various animals that live in different types of water ecosystems. Play with boats, color changing water shakers and our water animal puppets! Perfect for toddlers and Pre-K, this kit is sure to make a splash.

Roadside Attractions: Home of the famous SEPTA bus, Roadside Attractions takes the familiar theme of transportation and integrates it into the experiences of engineering and design. With this kit, children explore modes of transportation through dramatic play, music, and movement. Kids play with smaller versions of highlights from the exhibit, such as the Please Touch Garage, and design their own city maps.

Wonderland: Here you’ll find a beautiful adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice in Wonderland. Discover a world unlike any other as we sing with flowers, play crazy croquet and explore the reaches of our imagination. Learn about poetry and rhyme, create your own imaginary animal and create your own imaginary toy in this magical trip to Wonderland.

Custom and Literacy Play Kits

Custom and Literacy play kits bring the Please Touch Museum experience into your curriculum! Customized play kits are available upon request and require at least one month advance notice.

Past Custom and Literacy Play Kids have included:

What a Treasure! by Jane and Will Hillenbrand – Treasure Hunting Themed Play
Brontorina by James Howe – Dinosaur Themed Play
Buddy and the Bunnies Don’t Play With Your Food! by Bob Shea – Book Awards Play Kit
Seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall)

Assembly Programs and Special Events

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