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There is nothing quite like the magic of watching a child learn through play. A source of creativity, problem-solving, and skill-building, play has the power to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, understanding and self-confidence.

Please Touch Museum is a place where the magic of discovery and learning through play happens each and every day. It is our strong commitment and one of our core beliefs that every child, regardless of means, has the chance to experience this life-changing power of play. Our CAPP Fund – Communities at Purposeful Play – helps underwrite programs that offer free and reduced admission for 65,000 low-income children, families, and school groups each year.

When you invest in a child, you invest in the future of that child and a whole community. You have the opportunity to make an investment to help change a child’s life!

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This year-end, give the gift of play for children in need. For just $50, you can underwrite a family of four visiting the museum. For $100, you’ll underwrite carousel rides for 50 school children. A gift of $250 supports four families enjoying the museum, and $500 allows an entire school group to come here for free.

Gifts of any amount make a difference. Together, we can keep power of learning through play going and growing for all children.

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Did you know?
Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Philadelphians, and more than one in three of the city’s children, live in poverty. Central to Please Touch Museum’s mission is a special investment in the children of Philadelphia and particularly the Parkside community where Memorial Hall is located and where 46% of children live below the poverty line.

Your gift to the CAPP Fund helps to support this mission-driven program.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm
Christmas Eve: 11 am to 3 pm
New Year's Eve: 9 am to 3 pm
Thanksgiving & Christmas Day: CLOSED

Contact Information

Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park
4231 Avenue of the Republic
(formerly North Concourse Drive)
Philadelphia, PA 19131
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Phone: 215-581-3181

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