Please Touch Museum® recognizes that fitness, proper nutrition and a sustainable environment are essential for busy bodies to play, learn and grow. Promoting healthy lifestyles is an intrinsic part of the museum’s mission, and encourages children and adults to play and learn together.

Created in 2006, Get Up and Grow, is a multi-phase initiative designed to enhance the lives of families by promoting healthy living to children. This healthy lifestyles programming is a lighthearted, interactive, content-based approach to teaching lifelong habits that result in healthier, happier families through compelling resources, exhibits, messaging, events and open-ended play.

Walk your way to good health!

Walking with your family is a great way to have a conversation with few distractions. Walking helps to manage stress, strengthen bones, strengthen both muscles and family bonds, control weight, increase flexibility, and promote positive self images. Start a healthy habit today; get your family walking!

Tips and Techniques:

  • Stretch before you begin.
  • Keep your chin level with the ground as you walk; focus on the path head.
  • Relax your shoulders, neck and mind.
  • Bend your arms to 90 degrees and keep hands loosely closed.
  • Swing arms gently, keep your elbows in and stand up straight.
  • Strike the ground with your heel, roll through your foot and smoothly push off toes.
  • Take small, quick strides.
  • Leave your cell phones at home.
  • Talk about special family members and memories.
  • Discuss the day’s events and upcoming family gatherings.
  • Use this time to connect with your family!

Nutrition for the mind, body & soul!